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    Customise your own Neon Sign using our Fancelite’s advanced Neon Builder.

    What’s In The Box?

    1. Finest Neon Signs in the US
    2. 12V DC Adapter
    3. Remote Brightness Controller (Add-on)
    4. Stainless Steel Chain for hanging the sign or a screw kit for easy installation

    How To Install?

    1. Open the Package Carefully (Neon Signs are Fragile)
    2. Hang it on the wall using the chain, or fix it with screw or nails (recommended) or use double sided tape.
    3. Plug in the adapter
    4. Press ON, if you have remote added

    No.1 Neon Signs in the US

    Fancelite aims for 100% customer satisfaction, so we are making our Fancy Neon Lights with long lasting, durable and environmentally friendly LED neon strips. Also, Acrylic 5MM Backing  or 8MM Backing – the sign comes standard with a 2.5 meter clear power cord and adapter. Remote brightness controller can be added for some extra charges.

    Custom Size for Custom Neon Light Sign

    Customise the size of this Neon Sign on demand. The size and the price mentioned is for the minimum size that is possible for the same design. For any bigger sizes in the same designs, please contact us for the pricing and details.

    Durable Material used in Fancelite® Neon Light Signs

    Our company uses the highest quality materials to make the best product. Long lasting neon LED light strips that can last 50,000+ hours. Tougher back board of 5MM Acrylic and 8MM Acrylic. All white wiring to reduce the visibility of the wire and enhance the beauty of the neon sign.

    You can design your own Neon Sign on Fancelite and get the best service in the world. Design your neon sign with our advanced customiser or simply contact us.

    Customer reviews

    Based on 45 reviews
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    Sophie Olson
    Looks really good quality. Have different light options with the remote control. Takes almost a month to arrive, but that's ok. Thanks
    GOOD VIBES ONLY Neon LED Sign photo review
    Pauline Koh
    It's so calming and beautiful in the day and night. I chose purple. Bomb.
    Marc Davidson
    Absolutely love the sign. A great addition to our home <3
    Sheena Garett
    Looks exactly what I ordered! Highly recommended.
    GOOD VIBES ONLY Neon LED Sign photo review
    Deborah Scott
    I love this! It was so easy to put together and it’s a perfect size. The lights can dim or get brighter which is a plus.
    Veron Green
    This light is absolutely amazing. It gives my room a whole new vibe. I am very pleased with my purchase.
    HUSTLE Neon LED Sign photo review
    Craig Rhys
    It’s on the lowest brightness setting in this picture. I love its light strength, look, and pattern options.

    Great add-on to my battle station.
    JC Joe
    It was everything and more than i expected. Love the modes of brightness, and different lighting options! 10/10
    Leslie Brown
    I love my lights !!!! Super cute and most definitely completes my bedroom! Thank you!
    Greg Sison
    Everything came perfectly, didn’t take long to put together, works like a charm and sets the whole vibe for my room! Definitely will be buying from y’...More
    Everything came perfectly, didn’t take long to put together, works like a charm and sets the whole vibe for my room! Definitely will be buying from y’all again!
    Karina Sue
    Great quality and amazing amounts of display modes.
    THE WORLD IS YOURS Neon LED Sign photo review
    Gibson Lake
    Love the brightness and clear cord. A+ will order from again.
    1 2 ... 4

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