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Fancelite® Neon Signs can be in multiple sizes, can last 50,000+ hours, custom made with quality Neon LED Lights. Choose from a wide range of colours like Red, Pink, Blue, Ice Blue, Orange, White, Warm White, Purple, Yellow! Customise Neon Signs with your name, word, letter, logo or quote. Install it on a wall of bedroom, balcony, hall, terrace, office space or workspace.


Size: 2.5ft width × 1ft height (60CMx45CM)

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Free Shipping
Estimated : 3-7 Business Days

Custom Size for HUSTLE Neon Light Sign

Customise the size of this Neon Sign on demand. The size and the price mentioned is for the minimum size that is possible for the same design. For any bigger sizes in the same designs, please contact us for the pricing and details.

Durable Material used in Fancelite® Neon Light Signs

Our company uses the highest quality materials to make the best product. Long lasting neon LED light strips that can last 50,000+ hours. Tougher back board 8MM Acrylic. All white wiring to reduce the visibility of the wire and enhance the beauty of the neon sign. You can design your own Neon Sign on Fancelite and get the best service in the world. Design your neon sign with our advanced customiser or simply contact us.

Warranty & Free Shipping

As neon sign boards are fragile, no need to worry, our company offers full replacement or repair guarantee in such case. Make sure you provide the proof and always unbox the sign while making a video. You can check the return and refund policy for more information on this topic.
  • 2X Brighter LED Lights
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Easy to clean & repair
  • Splash resistant & IP68 Waterproofing (Addon)
  • A-grade Transparent Acrylic Backing
  • Tough Breakproof Packaging

Lumo RGB Neon Sign

Choose RGB option in the colors list above.

Neon Sign Packaging

What's in the package?

All necessary items and addons are already there.

2X Brighter & Longer Life

We make all the Neon Signs with top-grade LED lights which glows brighter and have a longer life that normal neon signs.

Fancelite Neon Sign
Fancelite Neon Sign 2

Brightness Controller

Free with all orders!

Why Us?

All the orders are delivered in specialised tough boxes. We provide 100% free replacement guarantee if the product arrives with any damages.

Fancelite uses exclusive neon lights made up with LEDs which 2X brighter and last longer longer than competition.

Okay, amazing quality and service, you must be charging too much?

No, you are buying straight from the factory, no middlemen involved. Best prices and top quality, so just go for it!

2X Brighter & Longer Life
Break-proof Packaging
3 Year Warranty

5 reviews for HUSTLE Neon LED Sign

  1. Janice Brett
    Honestly, I am very impressed. Shipping was fast and the product is even better than I had hoped.
    Jessica Sitti
    Looks really good quality. Highly recommended. Thanks
    Anthony Coronell
    Just put my sign up and it sets the perfect vibe. Thank you.
    Craig Dip
    Everyone who sees it compliments it. Can't wait to get another one!
    HUSTLE Neon LED Sign photo review
    Craig Rhys
    It’s on the lowest brightness setting in this picture. I love its light strength, look, and pattern options.

    Great add-on to my battle station.
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